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Why do the bullets keep coming?


Stephen Paddock may have pulled the trigger in Las Vegas, but American lawmakers also have blood on their hands. A lot of it.

If someone helped Paddock buy the weapons they would be charged with being an accessory to murder. US Congress is that accessory.

This is not a Republican or Democratic problem. It is uniquely an American problem.

A deadly problem. The innocent keep paying the price and lawmakers keep ignoring the solution.

I've seen it up close and personal too many times.

Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub, San Bernardino, Washington Naval just goes on and seemingly gets more horrific.

I will vomit on the feet of the next person offering the same lame reasoning: guns don't kill people, people do or it's a mental illness problem.

Such delusion would be funny if it wasn't so deadly.

I also covered the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia. Guess what? Then Prime Minister John Howard cracked down on guns and there hasn't been a mass shooting since.

Argue against that?

It doesn't matter the motive. Take away the availability of high powered weapons and people aren't slaughtered in large numbers. No one is saying America will be gun free but there is no need for high powered weapons that belong on battlefields.

Now we have the laughable tactic of the National Rifle Association in favor of introducing regulations (note they're not saying a ban) of bump stocks. Until the little known device used by Paddock to turn his arsenal of semi automatic weapons into automatics.

It's the lunatic attempt of saying "look we did took action".

I'm not fooled and nor should you.

And then there's this: now is not the time to talk about gun control. Only to have it disappear off the social consciousness.

I'm tired at looking into the vacant eyes of people who have lost loved ones in the most violent of ways.

I'm tired knowing more will follow.

There are people with their families right now who won't be in a few weeks or months because of America's deadly gun obsession.

I hope it's not mine. I hope it's not yours. But it will be someone's.

It makes me question the very sanity of this great nation that I call home.

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